Friday, April 27, 2012

Small Actions

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1. "Drive in a double-decker because the bus carries there same number of people as 40 cars! And it's going there anyway."

2. "There's always loose change-and there are always charity tins.
It's a match made in heaven-like ham and eggs, marecambe and wise,  posh and.., well posh and hello magazine. So, the next time you buy something priced between 95p and 99p, look around for a charity tin. After all, 1p per person, per week adds up to 30 million  per year. One word of waring, though. If the golden retriever sitting outside the shop domes't have a slot in his head, don't try putting your coins in. He won't appreciate it."

3. "Spend time with someone from a different generation."

4. "If it says to just drive 30MPH just drive 30MPH, because if you drive 35MPH you are twice as likely to kill someone you hit as 30MPH."

5. "Learn at least one good joke. Laughing tones your stomach, lowers your blood pressure and makes you healthier. It's scientifically proven."

(From "Change the world for a fiver")